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a leading provider of Air and Ground Freight Forwarding services and International Freight Shipping. Since 1999 our Freight Forwarding service is well known for its strong domestic networking, making us your total logistics company in china.

We providing rendering services of high quality in the business of the international sea container transportations. Proceeding from requirements of the client, sites of a cargo it's physical properties and dimensions we organize transportation of cargo on the highest world standards including full spectrum of services on its registration, support and customs clearing.

Headqurater: Ningbo, China.

Branch office: Ningbo,Shanghai, Guangzhou and so on.


Sea/Air freight export / import consolidation.
Combined air, sea freight services.
Door to door delivery.
Custom brokrage.
L.C.L consolidation.
F.C.L consolidation.
Warehousing, distribution and delivery.
Order follow up tracking systems.
Supply chain tracking systems.
Factory stuffing.
Multi-model transport operators.
Infrastructure and services facilities at all sea ports and dry parts.
Import air freight
Export air freight
Air express delivery letter
Other services

Now our service area includes the basic trading lines from the China Ningbo , in following directions:
· Europe
· Russia
· Asia
· Middle East
· Indian Sub-continent
· South and Central America
· Australia and New Zealand
· Africa

Depending on the type of shipment of goods " Ningbo global " will provide with various containers:

· Standard 20 and 40-foot containers
· 20 and 40 foot containers, raised cubic capacity H/C (High Cube and Pallet Wide)
· 20 and 40-foot containers with the open roof (Open Top)
· 20 and 40-foot containers with a flat frame (Flat Rack)
· 20 and 40-foot refrigerator containers (Reefer)
· 45-foot containers公司的主营业务:国际国内海运,空运,铁路的拼箱和集装箱进出口运输代理业务,包括船公司和航空公司订舱、货物托运、海关报关、报检、保险等。

一手大庄,无忧海卡之王,ONT8,LGB8,LAX9 等美西仓600RMB/方,洛杉矶拆柜派送,开船后18天入亚马逊仓,MDT1,MDT2,TEB3,TEB6,AVP1,AVP3,BDL2,BWI4,ACY2 等美东仓850RMB/方 纽约拆柜派送开船后23天入亚马逊仓,欢迎咨询